Kuberan Silks Rev Up Their Sales By Providing Customers An Unmatched Quality

In 2001, when Kuberan Silks made its journey in the apparel industry, all they had an avid obsession for extravagant creations. Today, when the brand has dressed everyone starting from the Bollywood celebrities and political leaders to the everyday women like you and me, the only thing that becomes apparent is their unwavering passion for weaving the nine yards story with adroit dexterity. A widely loved brand and trusted destination of pure silk sarees, Kuberan is now acclaimed worldwide for their eclectic designs, variety, colors and most importantly a true value for money.

Kuberan is known for their exclusivity, be it in the design or in the quality. Instead of indulging too much on productions and promotions, Kuberan Silk is highly focused on telling the stories of women in many roles.

With a volume of patrons across South India, when Kuberan Silks step out to build its territory across the country, hardly do they know that their creations will be loved so much by the Indian women. Today, Kuberan is a brand that is uttered simultaneously with one of the best brands Nalli. After stepping out from its home market to the global panorama, what makes Kuberan Silks lead the market is their passion for providing the best quality and an absolute value for money. With authenticated silk mark, Kuberan has made it sure to the global market that what they are offering is not only beautiful but also authentic. It highly speaks of their elegance and builds a brand credibility that is surely a plus point when you are operating in the international segment.

Handloom Sarees Latest Christmas Collection
Handloom Sarees Latest Christmas Collection

Over the period of seventeen years, they have designed the story of every woman who performs many roles with equal élan. Each of their sarees is exclusive in that way. Staying uncompromising in the basic for so many years was not easy, but providing the mass with a true value of money needs a lot of determination and grit. Focusing on the customers need and providing them with an enigma to drape in gorgeous outfits. Presenting there latest collections for Christmas and New Year. Gift yourself a Kuberan Silk product this festive season and win the style game.

Kuberan stepped into the apparel industry when the big brands have already made Kanchipuram Silk sarees a thing of chic panache, an emblem of exclusivity. They started disrupting the market with their effortless weaves of pure silk and soft silk sarees and exquisite designs. With the product range that already has ISO certification as well as authenticated silk mark, quality was never an issue with Kuberan. No wonder, why they have garnered so much of popularity in such a short span of time. The quantum leap of Kuberan is gauged as almost similar to that of Nalli sarees, which has been in India for 90 years. Today, the Kuberan Silks has made both horizontal & vertical expansion to reach out to their global customers.


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